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A Little About Myself

I began painting at the age of 11, my favorite color is orange, and I do not excel in self-marketing. Please forgive my digital inadequacies. I do, however, excel in arranging colors on various surfaces. I live for it, and I would love to share a piece of it with you.

Am I supposed to write this bio in third person?

I am currently based in the Seattle, WA area, but that is subject to change. I work primarily with acrylics, which are household and public-area friendly.

I am not a terribly serious person, (unless we are talking about bees), so succinct punctuation and minimal use of adjectives isn’t preferable on my end. If that’s your language let me know..I will relocate to an oak desk and don my wool vest.

I believe one must be honest, and stay comfortable to create art. I only ask for you to do the same. And if there is a vision in your head, this is the only way I can see it.

Questions are very welcome. Please feel free to contact me with any you may have.